7 Common Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

28 August, 2019 Darling Downs Security

Each and every day, burglars are scouring homes around the country to find easy security targets. Don't let it happen to you. If home security is high on your priority list, then take care not to make these common home security mistakes.

1. Leave the doors and windows o...

Why Traditional Alarm Systems Are Not Always Effective

28 August, 2019 Darling Downs Security

It is easy to think that once an alarm is installed in your home, then you don’t have to concern yourself any more with home security. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. While traditional alarm systems have many benefits in safeguarding your home, they a...

Home Security When On Holiday: 5 Tips You Must Know

28 August, 2019 Darling Downs Security

You may not give much thought to your home while you are away on holidays but if a break in occurs then you will definitely wish you had.

Here are five tips you must remember when going on holidays to ensure your security and your privacy.

1. Have friends collect your ma...

How A Routine Patrol Could Be Your Best Insurance

28 August, 2019 Darling Downs Security

Did you know that thieves often monitor homes and businesses ahead of time before they decide on which premises are worth taking their chance on? They get to know your routines, your patterns, your schedules and seek out the best time to break in.

A routine patrol can o...