Home Security When On Holiday: 5 Tips You Must Know

28 August, 2019 Darling Downs Security

You may not give much thought to your home while you are away on holidays but if a break in occurs then you will definitely wish you had.

Here are five tips you must remember when going on holidays to ensure your security and your privacy.

1. Have friends collect your mail and newspapers

Nothing screams ‘away on holiday’ more than a stack of bills piling up in the letterbox. You can either ask a friend or neighbour to kindly collect and hold your mail, or alternatively, request a stop at your local post office. Remember that if you get newspapers delivered on a regular or semi-regular basis, then they should be picked up as well. A burglar will not hesitate to give your home a second glance if there is a pile of newspapers on the front step or an overflow of letters pouring out of the mailbox.

2. Have a security system installed in your home

For extra peace of mind, you may just want to go the extra mile and have a security system installed in your home. This will act as a deterrent to those looking to break into your home. There are a variety of systems on the market ranging from cheap alarms to extensive systems fitted out with cameras to act as an extra deterrent. There are many types of systems available and certainly something to suit each home, situation and budget.

3. Never post your holiday plans on social media

While you may wish to share your latest news on social media, sometimes it is worth withholding some of the more important information such as dates of travel or your plans for long-term holidays. You can never quite be sure who is reading the information. When exactly was the last time you checked the security settings on your Twitter or Facebook account? Certainly feel free to share your beautiful holiday snaps when you return, however, letting them know the instant you are gone may just be asking for trouble.

4. Make it look like someone is still at home

You may remember that scene from Home Alone where little Kevin McAllister created a party scene to make it look like there was someone at home to prevent a burglary. While it is not necessary to go to all that trouble, you may want to install a light switch timer to turn your lights on and off automatically. The same can be done for your television and your radio to create an air of authenticity. Leaving your lights on 24/7 might end up attracting more attention than you realise, not to mention, seem slightly suspicious. A timer switch provides the perfect compromise to your security without the necessity of a neighbour having to pop by each evening to turn your lights on and off.

5. Advise a security company of your absence

While you may have ticked all the above boxes, nothing is quite as secure as having a professional security patrol officer visiting your home on a regular basis during your holiday period. A patrol officer can check all the points of entry to your residence and make sure that any problems or issues are reported both to the police and you. This will, of course, need to be arranged before you head off on the big trip.

You can never be too safe when you leave your house and personal belongings to take some much needed time out from your busy schedule. Those pina coladas will taste so much better when you know you don’t have to be continuously worried about what’s happening back at home.