Domestic Welfare Check

Do you ever get nervous at night when you are home alone and feel that you have no one to call? Sometimes you just want someone to come to your house and make sure everything is as it should be.

​What about the Police?

If you are in immediate danger or an actual crime is occurring or there is a chance that the offenders are still in the area, then you should call 000 immediately and ask for Police presence.

Unfortunately, you may not feel that you can call for the Police simply because you are feeling frightened.

However, as an Annual Subscriber to the DDS Domestic Welfare Checks, the presence of a licensed and fully trained Security Patrol Officer is only a phone call away. No questions asked.

How does it work?

Subscribers receive a voucher booklet with five welfare checks included in the price. Simply call the number provided on the voucher booklet.

State your name, subscriber number and that you require a welfare check. A Security Patrol Officer will be immediately dispatched to your residence.

Subscribers enjoy the benefits of:

Rapid response
Welfare check
Foot patrol
Thorough check
Peace of mind

Pre-paid service with no hidden costs for just $149.00

12 month subscription includes five Welfare Checks*

Welfare checks are ideal for: