Static Guards

The most effective deterrent against property crime is to employ an experienced, licensed static security guard to protect your premises. The guard, simply put, protects your valuable assets by effectively controlling access to them.

Static guard services have been delivered by Darling Downs Security (DDS) since 2001, with a reputation for superior quality. Whether you choose to protect property or equipment short or long term, we can tailor a package to suit your requirements and budget.

Darling Downs Security’s static guards understand their responsibilities and diligently apply their sense of sight, hearing and suspicion in order to ensure that property and people under their charge are adequately protected.

Security Experience You Can Rely On

Darling Downs Security invests in training Security Officers with the appropriate skills required to provide high levels of customer service to customers/staff. As all businesses know, good experience is the best tool for maintaining customer retention and providing your customers with a helpful, friendly, safe and enjoyable experience is what keeps them coming back.

By developing a deep understanding of your company, Darling Downs Security ensures that our security officers will fit into your team culture and environment.

Darling Downs Security works in partnership with your risk assessment and requirements to finalise a Security Risk Management Plan and help implement security policies and procedures.

This approach to risk management is a discipline that helps you:

Toowoomba Security Experience

Our trained and licensed static guards have been instrumental in ensuring that some of Toowoomba’s largest abattoirs, banks, buildings, construction sites and shopping centres have safe security management. Drawing on our depth of experience in theft prevention, OH&S resources and strong project management, DDS static security guards will ensure that your business is both enjoyable and safe for employees and customers.

You will find our guards to be professional, proactive and thorough in their approach. All DDS static security guards will watch and protect your company premises, buildings and offices, personnel and assets round the clock throughout the year. You can enjoy peace of mind while they professionally carry out a range of security duties.

Static Guard Roles and Duties

Static security guards are ideally suited for deployment at strategic and sensitive locations. They are trained and equipped to perform key security functions including:

Prior to engagement of our static guard services, DDS will determine your exact requirements and in turn prepare clear and concise assignment instructions for our static guards. This may involve internal and external patrols of the site providing a highly visible presence on site, or a covert presence to potentially catch out offenders. We have experience not only in deterring crime, but in actually apprehending intruders and saving our customers the cost of putting things right.

Our uniformed static security officers are equipped with various communication devices for routine contact with supported mobile patrol officers in the area who are trained to manage and contain any emergency. All Darling Downs Security Officers hold First Aid accreditations to the appropriate level.