Toowoomba Security Services

Darling Downs Security offers a range of manpower based services across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Mobile patrols provide routine or random checks; they are a lower cost service where the service of a security officer is shared by multiple clients.

Our protective services allow us to work on a customised Security Risk Management Plan to suit your business and maintain the appropriate level of security to suit your needs.

Static guards assure peace of mind, providing security for property, equipment or even your staff for up to 24/7 in the short or long term..

First Line Response services, conducted by our experienced team with over 31,000 jobs experience, mean the highest level of uptime for bank owned and privately owned ATMs.

Cash in transit means your business banking can be carried out securely and with the assurance that your money is properly handled and insured against loss.

Our Asset-in-transit service is available to domestic customers who need to transport valuable items from their home to other premises.