Why Mobile Patrols?

Security is a concern for virtually every business owner. No matter if you have an office, factory, workshop, warehouse or a retail location — there is a constant risk of intruders finding ways onto your premises to steal your assets.

Sadly, these days police seem to be constantly tied up in settling domestic disputes, so mobile security patrols offer an effective, affordable and practical method of reducing the risk of your business premises being targeted by a criminal who is intent on theft or vandalism. Randomised security patrols, by a well marked and easily identifiable security vehicle, provides a strong message to on-lookers that you are a security conscious business owner and that you are proactive about protecting your property and assets.

Mobile Patrols and Insurance Rebates

Due to the nature of mobile patrols, many insurance providers offer rebates or reduced insurance rates.

Security patrols help deter criminal activity. Insurance companies recognise this fact. Any costs associated with engaging security patrols may be partially or completely offset by these insurance savings with the added bonus of providing you with a highly effectual visible deterrent to protect your business from theft and vandalism.

While the primary benefit of security patrols is to make criminal activity on your business premises less attractive, there are many other issues that may arise when a property is left unattended. Mobile security patrols also detect problems such as fires, floods and other infrastructure related problems that could cost your business thousands of dollars if left unchecked.

Our Security Patrol Officers are trained in responding to incidents and are empowered with incident escalation protocols, ensuring that any occurrence of property damage, lights out, trespassers or unsecured access points are reported immediately. Our patrol officers also provide thorough post incident reporting which is essential when it comes to any legal issues as a result of security incidents or if insurance claims need to be filed.

Ultimately, security patrols provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that a trained and licensed Patrol Officer will be your “eyes” when you are not around. You can feel confident with the knowledge that there is vigilance in place to alert you of any security issues should they arise, especially on weekends or public holidays.

Darling Downs Security (DDS) offers the most comprehensive mobile security patrol services in the Toowoomba region with a fleet of up to 3 cars patrolling every night of the year, with additional cars on standby. DDS is locally owned and has been serving the Darling Downs since 1998. We pride ourselves on being able to provide cost effective solutions by tailoring coverage for each individual site — ranging from drive-by and perimeter checks to full access patrols which thoroughly check the entire premises.

While peace of mind comes at a cost – it is probably more affordable than you think. It is certainly worth a call to just find out how much. All site assessments and quotes are provided free of charge.